Medical Signals

The primary goal of the MediSig - Medical Signals department is the use of the last achievement of the technology in medicine for basic research and for effective treatment. We try to find the optimal targeted link between high level measurements, measurement protocols, methods of analysis and diagnostic and physiological contribution. In our opinion, the data acquisition and technologies, which carry additional information, is absolutely crucial.

The MediSig department structure includes the engineers, who carry out the development of new technologies, provide experiments, design and test new methods and interpret the results. An important part of our team is made up of students in doctoral study programs.

MediSig has dealt with measurement and signal processing in medicine for a long time. Twenty years ago, we began a widespread close cooperation with medical workplaces and universities. This cooperation is absolutely crucial to meet our objectives.

MediSig team research includes four principal areas:

  • Heart electrophysiology (ECG)
  • Deep brain electrophysiology (EEG)
  • Blood circulation and hemodynamic control
  • MediSig software team activities